Bitsgap vs Shrimpy: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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Virtual currency trading systems are tools that can allow an individual to simplify the process of making an investment. In most cases, a good auto trader will also help increase their profitability, which is always an important factor to consider if you are trying to make money with your crypto investments. 

The tools have undergone significant changes over time. Investors once wrote their own scripts for automated trading. 

Today, platforms like Bitsgap vs Shrimpy have many more features than the original ones. Many of them you can use for your own trading needs without any hassle.

So which one to choose? Shrimpy vs Bitsgap? Both platforms are applicable for beginners, which can certainly appeal to novice traders.

Supported Exchanges

Through these exchanges, users could track marketpace prices, monitor trading signals and set up DCA & GRID bots. Platform users can also take advantage of arbitrage opportunities on exchanges that support it.

Considering that most exchanges provide their services worldwide, this also opens up new opportunities for a large number of users.

Supported exchanges Bitsgap

The big advantage that makes Bitsgap stand out from the crowd is the number of exchanges the platform supports.

Bitsgap supports no less than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. These include large-scale and popular ones:

Supported exchanges Shrimpy

The shrimpy crypto bot collaborates with several cryptocurrency companies and exchanges.

Bitsgap vs Shrimpy: Cryptocurrencies Comparison

A trading assistant is not a technical device in the conventional sense. In the world of digital trading it is a specialized algorithm, which helps its owner to reach certain heights and protects from serious risks. 

Both platforms are designed to independently monitor specified parameters and make decisions based on certain conditions. But how to choose the best one for yourself?


Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows trading through various cryptocurrency trading platforms through one unified interface. The most famous feature of Bitsgap is that its demo mode gives traders the opportunity to practice trading without making any investment.


Shrimpy crypto is both a portfolio management and trading tool that allows users to trade and track portfolios on multiple exchanges from one platform. You can manage and trade assets across 16 exchanges.

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Trade automation or crypto-bot trading is also done on the platform with a variety of indicators and strategies.

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Trading Tools

Although there are many different tools, you should strive to familiarize yourself with them when trying to choose a good platform that you can trust with your trading efforts.


The personal account interface has several sections for using each tool. 

The manual trading section contains the following tools:

  • сhart with the possibility of using indicators and graphical analysis tools
  • menu for placing orders
  • price chart
  • ribbon of orders
  • Bitsgap trading platform overview.

A service from TradingView is built in for the convenience of working with charts.


This platform allows you to do social shrimpy crypto trading by following the trades of other users. This helps both novice traders and those who want to earn commissions by sharing social trades. By following the trades of other users, you can check how they allocate their portfolio between digital currencies.

For people you follow, you can check the number of followers, daily/weekly/monthly figures, chart visualizations, and the times the investor was active.

Platforms Features

Before you download the bot, you should familiarize yourself with its features and see if it will help you in trading. Although bots are recommended for beginners, they also have some incredible features that professionals can take advantage of. 

Bitsgap Features 

  • Bitsgap is a single interface to manage all your exchanges
  • Analyze over 10,000 cryptocurrency pairs every second, and from the algorithms automatically identify the coins with the strongest potential.
  • Making profit on price differences by buying cryptocurrency on the exchange where the price is lower and then selling it on the exchange where the price is higher.
  • Smart strategy design and creation in just a few clicks. 
  • Constant presence of funds on the balance of the exchange.
  • Constant platform updates thanks to the cloud-based online service 
  • Evaluating the performance of the bot with a quick graph.

Shrimpy Features 

  • Backtesting feature tests your bots before running automated portfolio allocation strategies.
  • 50% commission for the first 3 months on any affiliate payments.
  • Demo account for experimenting with the platform.
  • Web version only, no mobile support.
Bitsgap vs Shrimpy:

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

According to the Bitsgap vs Shrimpy comparison, there are the following price features of the platforms:

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The platform is simple and user-friendly. It works in English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish and Italian. To test how the service works, activate a 7-day trial period. After that, choose one of the tariffs to work with:

With Bitsgap, users can enjoy a variety of options with unlimited exchange on the cheapest plan. 

  • Basic subscription ($24 per month)
  • Advanced subscription ($57 per month) 
  • Pro subscription ($123 per month)


Crypto shrimpy offers a solution with three pricing plans:

  • Starter ($15 per month)
  • Professional ($63 per month) 
  • Enterprise ($299 per month)

All of these prices are for annual pricing.

Customer Support

The world of cryptocurrency is very volatile and even if you spend every minute of your time tracking news and trading on price fluctuations, you still can’t catch everything.

If you are looking for a way to trade intelligently 24/7, however, then you should take advantage of customer-supported cryptocurrency trading bots.


Bitgap offers high security and puts your funds under your control. The 2FA can be used to provide extra security for your personal funds. Added to that, your funds and assets are protected and connected only through your fully encrypted API keys.

Furthermore, these APIs allow Bitsgap to make transactions and collect all information on your behalf.


Basic support is provided through an extensive knowledge base, where Shrimpy has provided answers to all the most common questions and problems related to using the service.

In case you have a question that is not answered in the knowledge base, Shrimpy has a dedicated support email ([email protected]) that you can use to contact the support team.

You can also reach the team through various social media accounts (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit). And the Shrimpy website has an online chat feature that allows users and potential users to contact the Shrimpy team at any time.

Product Security

The platforms have a very high level of security for customer accounts. Not only do you need to set a complex password for account transactions, but also tie your phone, use an anti-phishing code and authentication. Let’s take a look at their approaches to user security.


Bitsgap uses basic security parameters that are the norm for any such platform.

The platform supports two-factor authentication (2FA). However, it also does not allow access from the API keys when withdrawals are enabled.

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Such measures act as a guarantee that fraudsters can’t get control of your money.


Security is by far the biggest concern in the cryptocurrency space for all parties involved.  

Providing maximum security, Shrimpy encrypts every API key provided by users using FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security models. 

This protects the confidentiality and integrity of users’ API keys. To make automated trading even more secure, the platform only reads the data provided from the API and executes trades. Based on this, it is impossible for Shrimpy to move your assets without your direct order.

Strategies and Profitability

All of these trading bot platforms can successfully work with off-the-shelf and custom strategies to generate profits. 


Bitsgap offers several strategies, but the number offered is not large. Also, you can’t get any description or information about the strategies, which makes it even more difficult to choose. Nevertheless, all strategies bring good profits. 


With Shrimpy you can create your own strategies and test how they work with a backtest. This will help you tweak your performance and find your ultimate portfolio allocation.

The Shrimpy backtesting tool allows you to test any strategy or index with historical data to see exactly how your strategy has worked in the past on any exchange.   

Recap: Pros and Cons

One of the main reasons why so many people prefer to leave the hard work of cryptocurrency investing to tools that use artificial intelligence is simply because of the many benefits it can offer.

But platforms can also have disadvantages that you should definitely be aware of.


7-day free trial version;
Advanced trading terminalProgrammed bots for cryptocurrency trading;
Competitive price plans;
Many supported major cryptocurrency exchanges.
No mobile app


Tools for social trading to duplicate strategies;
Balancing crypto portfolio;
Simple to use interface;
Offers support for many cryptocurrency exchanges;
Available demo accounts;
Averaging strategies for dollar costs.
Offers no crypto-bot scripting;
No mobile shrimpy crypto app;
Free version is limited.


Different trading bots show equally different results. However, if you choose the best one, guided by your preferences and priorities in addition to the basic one, you can save a considerable amount of nerves and time. In addition, robots do not have to be used for every trade.

You may find Bitsgap or Shrimpy attractive enough to become your main bot and portfolio management service. 

Overall, they are quite exciting tools for those looking to control their cryptocurrency trading via a reliable service platform.

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